Why consider concrete resurfacing?


When concrete walls, floors, patios and driveways are faded, or are cracked and worn out, it is time for a concrete resurfacing.

Concrete resurfacing saves money as opposed to removing old, drab concrete surfaces and replacing them with new. Breaking old concrete to make way for new was the only option in the old days. But replacing old concrete is undeniably expensive and effort intensive. Tearing down and rebuilding again can cost heavily and this does not even begin to address the issue of the efforts needed to cart away discarded concrete.

Concrete resurfacing saves human and environmental resources. Concrete composites and aggregates as mined, manufactured, processed and transported. These activities make use of chemicals from the mining level to curing processes. Other than for treatment fossil fuels that release global warming gases and leave a heavier carbon footprint are used. Therefore, to choose concrete resurfacing is not only financially practical, but is also environmentally ethical.

The decision to switch to concrete resurfacing also gets rid of one big obstacle to the process of removing old concrete and replacing with new: disposal problems. Garbage collectors or the municipal engineering authorities will not take responsibility for the concrete refuse of private homeowners and the only ones who recycle concrete are the same companies that lay concrete in the first place. Concrete is broken down into smaller pieces and are incorporated into new concrete by chemical binders or are used as fillers for road or foundation works.

  • Do all applications that used this material concrete resurfacing?

The choices are simple; concrete resurfacing can either be done sooner or later, or a complete renovation. Concrete structures are very durable. However, time is the great equalizer and even the toughest surfaces wear out eventually. At first, stressed out concrete may not be obvious especially in low traffic areas of your house or property but just because the naked eye does not see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Temperatures, sun, wind and water exposure still beats down on concrete and eventually, all concrete needs resurfacing.

  • When should concrete resurfacing be done?

Your concrete surfaces, whether exposed to the elements or not, are prone to deterioration. Everything breaks down, even concrete. You know you should hire a contractor or a company for concrete resurfacing when your concrete surfaces begin sporting crocodile cracks. These are not superficial cracks but are points and places which have broken down in time and where moisture and solid particles come in making the cracks even bigger.

Redecorating and renovating is another reason for concrete resurfacing. To give old concrete buildings, floors, walls, walkways, driveways and even roads a new look, concrete resurfacing is the cheapest and most effective way possible. No need to tear down what already exists, just give it a new surface.

  • Why is Master Concrete the best for any concrete resurfacing?

Master Concrete is the best choice for any concrete resurfacing needs as we have specialized in concrete for a long time now. Our professional teams assess the concrete surface’s wear and tear the right way and will give you all the best concrete resurfacing options possible.

Master concrete is your friendly and dedicated local concrete resurfacing contractor staffed with professionals who will make the task of resurfacing your concrete surfaces and structures easier.

Our concrete resurfacing consultants are available for consultation and are happy to give you more in depth information with a call or a visit.

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