What you need to know about Concrete Cleaning


Concrete cleaning can be a bit of a hobby to home or business establishment owners especially they believe that the physical features of their properties need to make a good impression.  There are two types of concrete surfaces that need cleaning interventions. These are the horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces.

Horizontal surfaces, aside from the common dust, dirt and mud, are stubborn with stains like grease, oil or rust. Of course water has been the timeless cleaning material since history. But to these stubborn stains, you will need the help of degreasing agents. The first sign you see a grease or oil stain, act on it already to easily clean the surface. Rust however has a different story. It is actually tougher to remove compared to grease stains. Many professionals recommend detergent solutions with oxalic acid. Caution is a requirement here. Be careful to follow the instructions set by the manufacturer.

Vertical surfaces are also common with dust, dirt and mud. Couple it with algae, mold or mildew, it is more difficult to remove such compared to the typical ones. To effectively clean the affected surfaces, one should use an effective and powerful cleaning agent that can be easily purchased from retail stores. Hopefully through that, the annoying growths will be arrested and never grow back. One tip is to clean the vertical surfaces starting from top to bottom. Use protective clothing whenever engaging in such activity. Remember, personal safety is a must.

Many claimed that discoloration is primarily caused by organic matter such as molds and mildew which are from the family of fungi. To prevent that to happen, you may use cleaning solutions made with safe sodium percarbonate to target fungi growth. Cleaning with the use of a scrub and a hose will be a mainstay. But this procedure takes longer to be accomplished. Start by pouring the detergent or cleaning solution over the surface. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes period to target areas with stubborn stains. Scrub the surface with a moderate amount of force and use a hose to wash away soap residues. Cleaning with the help of a pressurized washer applies the same method. Make sure to leave the cleaning solution again for about 10 to 15 minutes before starting.

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