Tile Resurfacing

Are your tiles looking draggy and dated? Maybe they’re the wrong color. You could just replace all of them but if they are in good condition, resurfacing your tiles is the key to updating them and making them look fabulous at a much lower cost. Here’s some more info about it.

Tile resurfacing is just about applying a new surface to the tiles so that they are instantaneously updated and look brand new once again. The tiles are repaired and cleaned prior to being resurfaced so you won’t even see any damage or blemishes that are in your existing tiles. The grout is also changed before the new surface is applied and the new surface seals the grout, which means that you’ll never have a problem with mould again.

You can resurface tiles anywhere in your home but resurfacing works best on wall tiles. You can do floor tiles but due to the traffic they have to endure, the new surface may diminish quicker. You can change your tiles to whatever color you think of.

The tile resurfacing professional you choose should be extremely experienced as well as highly capable in resurfacing tiles. You should be able to see examples of their preceding work. Because various products can be used for resurfacing, they should let you know precisely what product they are using and what the curing time is. Knowing the curing time is significant as you will not be able to use the area while the new surface is still curing. The professional should also give you an exact quote as to the cost of the resurfacing. All these are traits attributable to Master Concrete!

Our years of experience is our way of reassuring our customers that we will get the job done and also get it done right. Are you anxious about the cost? We work within your budget when possible to make sure the floor painting is cost effective while keeping superiority in quality.

Our goal is to make each customer 100% contented and happy with how their home looks after every Master Concrete Solutions project. Every step of the procedure focuses on clear communication and meeting your needs. Great service, great workmanship and great cost are what you can expect from Master Concrete Solutions.

Tell us how we can help you with your tile resurfacing needs. Call us to learn more about choosing the right colours and finding the best solution for your tile resurfacing needs.