Driveway Cleaning

Driveways don’t always make the top of the house maintenance list and most often these areas are frequently overlooked and left uncared for. In fact, a driveway is rarely cleaned regularly, unless it is located immediately in front of the house. In any case, driveways are important house areas to maintain as it is one of those places frequently exposed to visitors and high traffic.

When hiring professional cleaners is not always an option, here are some general tips on how to remove stains and maintain your driveway on your own:

For easier driveway cleaning, it is actually a good thing to purchase your very own power washing equipment. Driveways tend to be roughened and accumulate more dirt and grime than any other areas in the house. A high pressure cleaner will then be very helpful in easily removing dirt materials from your concrete driveway.

A normal garden hose will never be as efficient and as effective as power washers when it comes to driveway cleaning. If you don’t have extra money to buy equipment yet, you can rent from equipment stores nearby just to get the job done Applying to much pressure on concrete or getting the nozzle too close to the surface may cause chipping or cracking. When using high pressure washers follow the instructions from the manual or supplier.

Driveways are prone to oily accumulations and it may be hard to remove when it has lodged itself deeply onto the concrete. Catching the oil early, while it is still near the surface, can prevent deep staining. For such instances, it is helpful to apply absorbing products such as sawdust, cement powder, or hydrated lime. On the other hand, deep seated oily stains on concrete can be removed when you apply degreasing products, alkaline cleansers, emulsifiers, or muriatic acid – water solution.

In order to keep the driveway as elegant as possible, consider having your concrete floor sealed and protected. As concrete contain numerous pores, having a sealer applied will keep the surface smoother and less susceptible to dirt and grime accumulation. Driveway cleaning and maintenance would then be an easier task.

Driveway Cleaning – Why it’s important

Having a clean and appealing driveway gives a great impression in your property. It helps prevent infliction of damage your driveway. Also, a clean driveway reflects the people who own it.

The following are some of the traditional methods of driveway cleaning:

Pour water all over the surface of your driveway. Initially use your broom to sweep away other articles in sight. Pour the cleaning solution in the bucket of water and spread it all over the area. Begin scrubbing the surface. Exert more pressure in areas with stains however you should not overdo it to prevent exhaustion of your muscles. Another recommended way to clean your driveway is to dump and spread some peat moss over oil stains. Leave the peat moss for a while before removing it. The peat moss is known to remove oil stains easily.

If there are still stubborn stains, create a mixture of 2 ounces of washing soda in one gallon of water. Pour it all over the areas with stain and do the scrub. Tire marks can be irritating to look at.  So if your driveway has tire marks, you may use a brake cleaner. Spray the brake cleaner unto the affected areas and again, scrub it. Rust stains seem to get in your driveway. To fight against rust stains, you will have to use oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is believed to break the chemical bonds on rust stains.

What impression can you make out of the aforementioned methods? If you have all the time then you can do the cleaning yourself; however, it is still advisable to seek professional help from a trusted cleaning service since cleaning a driveway is not an easy task to be done. They will use more technological and advanced equipments such as pressure washers together with safe and environmental friendly cleaning solutions to efficiently and effectively remove stains, dirt, molds, mildew, oil stains and tire marks in your driveway. They know more expert ways to totally clean your driveway, restoring its original condition. It also saves you more time to other important matters and they will give you the best value for your money. Look around and evaluate companies that offer such service. You must be able to choose the right company that will give you a satisfying end result.