Concrete Resurfacing at Its Finest


Concrete Resurfacing is one of our most popular residential finish. And these systems are designed to install hastily and easily right over existing concrete—old or new. The systems are a mixture of rock and liquid epoxy. And when the two come together, they turn a few heads at all times. Because they transform broken, plain-looking or just downright ugly concrete into something renewed and beautiful. Even better, your new concrete finish is 100% resistant to chemicals. So feel free to bring up to date that pool deck. Or patio,

walkway, driveway, or any other concrete surface. It’s fast, affordable, and just a phone call away. So brace yourself for the desirable deck, the outstanding steps, and the astonishing sidewalk. It’s all possible when you rock on with Master Concrete.

Master Concrete can repair and restore concrete floors, steps, pool decks, walls and most other solid surfaces — including cement block and brick.

We specialize in concrete resurfacing which includes: concrete staining, upkeeps to stamped concrete surfaces, and applying ornamental concrete and stenciled finishes on new concrete. For basement and garage floor finishing, we also apply epoxy floor coatings.

Before resurfacing, concrete is prepared with the use of a high powered commercial pressure washing system, after which surface is acid etched or machine etched.

Concrete floors and other repaired and resurfaced concrete areas can be refurbished to a natural concrete finish, or you may choose from acid stain, stencil or pattern designs, epoxy coatings or other various techniques in your choice of concrete finishing textures, colors and patterns.

Master Concrete also offers decorative concrete pool deck repair and resurfacing for both residential and commercial swimming pool areas.   We can apply non-skid concrete coatings over natural stone, tile or other interior pool decks and other wet areas where slip and fall accidents may occur.

We specialize in 100% Solids Epoxy Floor Coatings for both residential and commercial pool decks, garage floors, and decorative concrete resurfacing.

Master Concrete specializes in the creation of a distinctive personal difference to the surface of standard, but architecturally sound concrete, giving it new life. We have been operating with a well-recognized and proven international product range. The products are optimum quality and come with a written warranty described in our terms and conditions, given at the time of the quote. The concrete resurfacing product ranges include nontoxic and nonhazardous applications.

Master Concrete also provide services for the surfacing of Tennis Courts, dairy farm shed floors and wall coatings, nonskid surfaces, swimming pool coatings, both inner and slip resistant surrounds along with other assorted concrete surfaces.

Contact Master Concrete today, for fresh new concrete surface.

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