Concrete Resurfacing: A New Look for your Driveway

Are you tired of your damaged, worn out driveway?  Or tired of tripping on cracks? Or are the wheels of your car suffering from the cracked, uneven surface? Master Concrete Solutions offers you a service that could help you repair those cracks and other damages.

Concrete Resurfacing is a highly developed and specialized process of restoring old and worn out concrete surfaces with the use of a new ones. For decades, the only option for this kind of problem is to completely tear and jackhammer the whole of the concrete floor; too much effort, too much hassle and needless to say, too much money spent. In contact resurfacing we remove all those problems by using the latest trends and processes our Master Concrete Solutions could offer.

With this highly developed process, you could save up to 55% of the expenditure in repairing your damaged driveway. With today’s financial crisis still rolling on our economy, it’s more practical to do this rather than the traditional total replacement. The advantage of this is that you could even do it on your own. With the right tools, applicable knowledge of the process, and the effort and time, you can turn your old concrete driveway into a brand new one.

The first step in this process is CLEANING. The surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned; dirt, oil and other adhering substances should be removed from the concrete floor. In preparation for the resurfacing, you have to make sure that the concrete flood is very much clean and rid of any other substances. A long tedious work but still better than using a jackhammer.

The next step consists of FILLING UP cracks with fresh concrete, evening out unleveled surfaces, and smoothening out rough areas by using trowels and squeegees, all of these are available on your local hardware.

The following steps would consist of applying the basic covering of the exterior, and then the chief color is sprayed for two coatings. However for stenciled outline, a foundation coat is applied first. Then the main color is sprayed, and then sealed. Invest on a good sealer; varying sealers are available on the market today.

Master Concrete Solutions specializes on concrete resurfacing as well as concrete polishing. Years of experience had let us to refine our skills and procedures to best serve our customer with quality and efficient services.

Contact Master Concrete today, for fresh new concrete surface.