Concrete Grinding

Concrete floors usually withstand pressure over a period of time. However, having cracks and other damages to your flooring is almost inevitable. These imperfections can be fixed through concrete grinding. Concrete grinding offers the fastest method to repair the flaws that had built up on your flooring.

There may be a number of reasons for your floor to be substandard such as uneven flooring, crack build up, peeling, crumbling or an improper concrete finish. Whatever the imperfection, concrete grinding offers an inexpensive means of fixing your concrete.

The need for a new slab of concrete placed over your defective surface flooring is not always necessary. Concrete grinding can actually make your concrete floor look great once again minus the imperfections and flaws of your old flooring.

Included in the grinding application are the following:

  • Re-establishing the smooth look to faulted or curled concrete flooring
  • Thin polymer overlays, coatings and deposits are removed
  • Slippery surfaces are roughened up to avoid slipping
  • Evens out bumpy surfaces as well as jarred areas
  • Smoothen driveway approaches
  • Breaks up high spots, rain marks and pot holed surfaces or patchy finishes
  • Grinding of irregularly built expansion joints or bridge decks
  • Grinding and repair of driveways, pavements and bridges

The rotating discs allow an impact to build up in the surface at a high amount of speed. When applied under an amount of pressure and placed over the target surface, the grinding disc moves across the surface giving of the ideal result. The grinder moves in a circular overlying path to produce little or no pattern or marks at all.

Master Concrete Solutions can offer you concrete grinding as a solution to the flaws in your concrete. Whether your concern is your uneven flooring, or rough areas, Master Concrete Solutions can give you the answer to a smooth surface area you desire.