All about Concrete Resurfacing


Concrete is giving a new look to old concrete by putting on a new layer of concrete. Whether to support structural integrity by putting on another layer on top or simply to beautify existing concrete, concrete resurfacing costs less than replacing existing concrete structure, especially in bigger applications.

  • What processes are entailed in concrete resurfacing?

Scoring is done with a tool that makes special grooves when the concrete is fresh. Designs can be scored in fresh concrete, when it is still in the plastic state; however, lines are most commonly drawn or scored. Lines can be scored in plain straight lines, but more often, they are made diagonally to the edges of the flatwork.

Staining or applying dyes to give a new color to concrete is the most familiar concrete resurfacing work. Staining with acid, also referred to as acid etching is process of applying acid-based treatments to concrete with the aim of producing surface features and qualities that look and feel like natural stone, wood,  leather, leaves or any other organic texture you may want to imitate.

Concrete eating acids etches designs in the surface of the concrete; the agent reacts chemically with the concrete itself and the need for refinishing is minimized down the road for a low maintenance results.

Saw cutting is a process that is done after concrete has cured or stood.  Patterns are drawn with a saw cut done after concrete has hardened considerably and can be straight or diagonal depending on pattern design.  The most common saw cut designs on concrete are geometric shapes which are then stained with colors contrasting with the rest of the abutting concrete.

  • Why is concrete resurfacing a smart move?

Concrete resurfacing will give the concrete parts of your home a new lease on life. It is a cheaper way to give your home a new look without resorting to costlier renovations to tear down and build again. Concrete resurfacing can give a new color, texture and hardness to faded and worn out concrete walkways, floorings, walls and driveways. If the aim is to repair or to change the look, concrete resurfacing is worth the money in all ways.

  • Why choose Master Concrete for concrete resurfacing needs?

Master Concrete offers a wide range of solutions for all your concrete resurfacing needs. We at Master Concrete know how to cure both the typical and special problems of concrete surfaces and we’ll gladly give you free consultation. Concrete resurfacing is serious business and we rise up to the occasion backed by our solid record of providing the best service for our customers’ satisfaction.

Concrete resurfacing is produces exciting results when done right. However, it’s not a DIY job; it is a tricky business that requires particular attention to timing plus the need to use special equipment and tools, and a deep, working knowledge of some pretty and hazardous chemicals. Leave handling the handling of the harsh chemicals and heavy equipment to us.

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