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Master Concrete Solutions was established to provide our customers all over Sydney a skilled team of professionals that specialised in excellent and creative concreting services. We have been specialising in concrete resurfacing and polished concrete for over 5 years and very proud to remain at the forefront of our industry.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing:
Through the use of a highly developed process, old and worn out concrete surfaces can be restored with the use of a new one. This method of replacement is referred to as Concrete Resurfacing. Master Concrete Resurfacing are experts at Concrete Resurfacing.

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Concrete Resurfacing

For a long time, the only option we have in remedying our damaged concrete was to totally tear out the existing one. Needless to say, the process involves way too much effort, inconvenience, and not to mention large expense. The good news is you no longer have to undergo that same old process. Now we have what we call concrete resurfacing in which you can tastefully replace that damaged concrete on your driveway without having to jackhammer it out.

The good thing about it is that concrete resurfacing could help you save up to at least 55% of your usual expenditure in repairing your damaged driveway. And with financial crisis being unbridled nowadays, why spend a fortune when you could actually use an economical approach? What’s more is that you could actually do it yourself, given the right tools, sufficient knowledge on the process, plus a whole lot of effort and time.

Cracks do not merely give your driveway an unpleasant view. It could also take a toll on the wheels of your cars. Aside from damaged and cracked concrete poses a health threat because it is accident-inducing. Does tripping ring a bell?

Assuming you already have the complete tools and gears that you need. First step is CLEANING. Concrete surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned first since you will later on be resurfacing it, thus applying a new layer over the old one. Dirt such as oils spots must be removed using a trusted oil remover that are available in the market. Other possible impediments such as loose debris and even dust must also be gotten rid of as part of surface preparation.

After preparing the surface, you are now prepared to initially repair cracks. Even out the unleveled surfaces. Fill the cracks with new layer of concrete and smoothen out rough areas by using trowels and squeegees. Put on another layer just before the first coating dries up.

Sealing is the final part of the process. Make sure you do not miss out a single. Invest on good sealer as there are wide array of choices available in the market.

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